The Influence of the Righteous

The Righteous Encourage a Strong Church 

Does your righteousness encourage a stronger church?  Notice the descriptions of the righteous from Solomon in Proverbs 11.  The righteous 1) have integrity, 2) are delivered from death, 3) have a blameless path before them, 4) are delivered by their choices, 5) are rescued from trouble and 6) escape by the knowledge from God.   None of these qualities do the righteous have because of their own ability or goodness.  Instead, as with the main premise of this book, the righteous choose to follow and adhere to the wisdom and knowledge from God (1.7-19; 2.1-6; 3.1-5;13-15; 4.1,2,5-11, etc.)  God impresses on us, as Solomon did his son, to follow, embrace and acknowledge as great treasure the knowledge and wisdom coming from God’s mouth.   
          God shares with us how the life of the righteous will encourage a strong and faithful church before God (11.9-14).  Notice the actions that the righteous man encourages for the church.  The mouth of the righteous helps other righteous people escape danger and sin (Jms 3:1f; Gal 6:1,2); the righteous enables “the church” to prosper and be exalted; the righteous are holy in their speech; and the righteous encourage a strong church by following God’s way.   Are you living in God’s wisdom in order to be a righteous person?  Is your righteousness helping the church to grow and be victorious?  What are you doing today to encourage a stronger church? (Matt 15.5-14; Prov 2.10-16; 28.12; Eccl 9.11-18)
The Righteous Refresh – vs 25
How do you give of yourself to refresh God’s church?  Solomon shares here that when we refresh or renew another person we ourselves will be renewed.  Paul stated that when we are comforted, we should comfort those around us with God’s comfort (2 Cor 1:3).  How have you been refreshed by someone else lately?  Do you remember how you felt being refreshed by that person?  Do doubt we need to pass that same blessing by refreshing other people.   I believe part of refreshing is to be merciful (Mat 5.7; be forgiving (Eph. 4:31); and be selfless and give (Phil. 2:1-4).  Jesus shared a parable about what our refreshing looks like and its reward for us as God’s children (Matt 25.34). 
The Righteous Encourage Growth – vs 30
Too often, Christians seem to think that winning souls is a gift one has or does not have, as opposed to an outpouring of God’s love as a Christian.  Solomon states that those who are righteous and wise help the church to grow.  What an interesting phrase to find in the book of Proverbs.  A wise man will be righteous and will win souls for God’s church.  Are you building your life to encourage blessings for the church?  Are you sending yourself to the world to plant seeds for God’s church? 

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