The Talk That Never Stops

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    Some people talk more than others. It is a fact.  And yet none of us talk all the time.  And yet, there is a conversation that may take place almost continuously.  How often do you talk with God?  In other words, how is your prayer life?  Jesus teaches us to pray with heartfelt, sincere words in Matthew 6.  A prayer that is not vain in its meaning is the prayer that the Father desires.  One that acknowledges the holiness, the mercy and the direction from God is the scriptural prayer.
    But we also find in scripture a prayer that is almost continuous.  Jesus teaches us by the hand of Luke (Luke 18) that some prayers need to be repeated over and over and over again.  The statement made by the Holy Spirit is that “men always ought to pray and not lose heart.”  In this parable we find a selfish, worldly, egocentric man who cares for no one but himself.  However, in the end even he provides the needs of the widow who has a need. (vs 5)  This parable teaches that if this man, being selfish to the core and worldly in his heart still provides for the needs of this widow, how much more so will God not come to the aid of His people.  When we look closely at the phrases used by the Holy Spirit, we find them highly instructive. 
“And shall God not avenge His own elect who cry out day and night to Him, though He bears long with them.”
    God is telling us two things in this parable.  First, which is stated later, is that we are sinful people who have rebelled against God.  We deserve nothing from Him but justice.  He owes us nothing.  We only must trust in His mercy to take us back through Jesus Christ.  Second, we learn that prayer is not a one-time action.  Pray is a constant action that, depending on the subject prayed for, is used daily, hourly and always on our hearts.  Notice what the Spirit says, “…His own elect who cry out day and nightto Him…”.  He states what our hearts should be doing a great deal of the time.  When we state that we have prayed and prayed and God has not answered.  Have you really prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed…?
    Paul states that part of the Christian duty is to be constant in prayer (Rom. 12:12, Col. 4:2, 1 Thess. 5:17), that prayer is a critical part of our Christian armor (Eph. 6:18), that the Corinthians and Philippians strengthened his ministry through prayers (2 Cor. 1:11, Philip. 1:19), that prayer delivers complete peace to God’s people (Philip. 4:6) and that the prayer of God’s strong people is monumentally powerful (Jms. 5:16).
    So, where do we go from here?  The Bible teaches us to go on our knees often and deeply.  Prayer is our direction, our strength and our daily hope for spiritual survival and victory.  It is individually and communally powerful.  It is for the church, for the lost, for our important work and for our daily strength.  Where do we go…?   We begin the talk that never stops – and the talk that avails mighty and eternal rewards!

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