What Is Your Mission Statement?

Bob Logan states, “A clear mission statement answers three questions: a) who is your ministry focus group? b) what needs are you seeking to meet? c) how will you accomplish your mission?”   Mission statements can be helpful and important for organizations in deciding who their focus group is, what the needs of this focus group are and how they will serve this focus group’s needs.  In your ministry who are you working to serve and how are you meeting their needs?  The Holy Spirit tells us that we each have talents and gifts from God given to serve people (1 Cor. 12:13f).

If you are not sure, here are some easy question to answer that can help you find your gift and talent.  1) What do I enjoy doing to serve people? (Do not think of what you assume others want you to do, but what God has gifted you to do.)  2) How are you or can you use that gift to serve people?  3) Who are people that you feel called and gifted to serve?  4) Make a list of the people and situations you desire to serve.  5) Make a timeline of when you will use your gift to serve this focus group.  6) Keep your mission statement close to your heart (who, what and how) so you can keep your ministry focus of why you are ministering.  Satan can encourage frustration and a feeling of not being appreciated.  But a mission statement keeps us close to God’s Spirit and the reason we are serving (Matt. 20:28; Jn 13:12-14).   By Andy Burns


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