Being DeSensitized

Do you find yourself being desensitized?  “What” you may ask do you mean?  The term “desensitized” comes from the base word “sensitive” which comes from a Medieval Latin term sensitivus meaning “capable of sensation.”  As we, in our successive days of living, slowly but surely lose our sensation for what is unholy and immoral; for what does not encourage but instead discourages a holy mindset in the Lord; and what encourages us to say, “It is no big deal, I can watch, listen or do (_______) and it does not bother me.”  To simply ask the question, “Is it a sin to drink, to watch a rated R movie, to smoke a cigar, to speak a little gossip, to want many material things, etc. etc.?” is to be aware how easy it is to become desensitized.

Andy you are being entirely too stringent!  And we come to the point of this article.  Are we as Christians being desensitized by our culture?  Paul states that our world is “crooked and depraved generation.” (Phil. 2:15) Peter, toward the end of his lesson at Pentecost stated, “With many other words he warned them; and he pleaded with them, “Save yourselves from this corrupt generation.” (Acts 2:40)
Here is an example: those of you who own and often use a computer, no doubt if you found out you have a virus or a Trojan horse, you would immediately search for a way to eradicate that infection.  We do not want these things on our computers because it causes them to run less efficiently and to cause multiple problems.  We do not assume, “Its just one virus, one piece of malware; no big deal.  My computer can handle it!”  Instead, we work (and spend money) to have it destroyed.
As well, if you found that you have mice in your home, there is no one saying, “Oh they are so cute; they won’t cause any problems.”  If you are like me, you go out and get sticky pads and “killer” pellets to get rid of those mice.
In the same way God calls us to guard our mental and spiritual data; He calls us to eradicate the world’s virus and the immoral Trojan horse that can harm our spiritual home.  Paul tells us that because we have God’s promise of being his children, we are to purity our bodies and our minds in order to bring about spiritual cleanliness (2 Cor. 7:1).
Do you find yourself making the above excuses?  “I can handle it.  It does not bother me.  Other people do worse.”  We often say this because we allow our spirits and our moral settings to get desensitized.  We want to watch the show, drink the brew, listen to the gossip, buy the objects, etc.  We stop listening to God’s call to be holy, to not reflect the world, but to reflect God’s holiness.
What are some areas that you need to purify, to cleanse and to secure for God’s glory?  It is helpful to 1) write these down in order to be reminded, 2) to offer them to God in prayer and gain his power and 3) be reminded of their destructive power.   Like icons on a computer, may we have God’s strength readily available to keep our minds and heart secure and pure for God’s glory.
By Andy Burns


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